Building Beautification West Perth – Part 2

Building Beautification West Perth – Part 2

There is a lot of preparation that goes into this kind of work and when it is done professionally and with such detail and care the clean-up is minimal. Well done guys.

It also helps when you get a client that really goes out on a limb to help us get the job done.


“We have worked with the Alpha FM since 2016 when they undertook an assessment of the exterior wall panels and glazing of the building for deterioration and defects which was causing some leaks. Over the next several years they progressively repaired problems with the wall panels working in stages.

Earlier this year they were awarded the contract to undertake the painting of all external areas of the building.They were very well organised and displayed a good standard of workmanship and cooperation under some difficult and trying conditions varying from extreme heat and high winds to heavy rains. Whenever there were any issues that needed attention these were resolved satisfactorily in a timely manner. We would be pleased to work with them at any time in the future and will contact them when we have further work to do.”

If you would like to know any more about this job or if you have a building that requires a similar service, please call our office on 9466 7700 we would love to help out.

Kind Regards from the team at Alpha FM

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