Core Values, Mission Statement

Core Values, Mission Statement

These are our core values. To us, they are not just words this is what you can expect when you deal with us.

Company Profile

ALPHA FM, we are The Property Care Takers. This is more than a slogan it’s a statement of how we work rather than who we are.

We are an alliance of companies bringing together a highly skilled trade and labour force. Along with our sister company Window Wipers establish in 1996. 

We provide complete property maintenance and repair services.

Our clients can be confident that we provide services that are second to none.

We are your partners in exceptional property maintenance.

Mission Statement

Alpha FM exists to provide complete property maintenance services to our client of a high-quality standard and consistency, making it simple for our clients to rely on us to maintain their building/s as the number 1 service provider offering complete property maintenance with one call.


Our vision is to continually grow in a responsible and ethical manner.

To be instantly identified and remembered amongst or target audience and accepted as the first point of call for all property maintenance and repairs, no matter what the task.

To instill the confidence in our clients that we have a highly skilled trade and labor force that is second to none and able to provide high quality property repair and maintenance services under our banner of ALPHA FM.

Quality Statement

This company runs on continuous improvement looking at and analyzing what we do how we do it and always asking the question why things happen?  how can we improve? and most importantly finding a way to do so.

All our meetings are run dedication to the continuous improvement philosophy. This is the purpose and goal of our meetings and along with effective communication within the company is the backbone of our quality values.

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