The Alpha FM Story

The Alpha FM Story

After 24 years in service it stands to reason that a business must eventually evolve into what the market demands. This is a story of the evolution of our company and how Window Wipers started us on a journey to create Alpha FM.

We commenced business in February 1996 As Window Wipers initially offering window cleaning services to the residential market. The desire to broaden our market into the commercial sector led us to develop skills through training and the acquisition of skilled staff. We cleaned the windows of our first commercial building in 1997, a 3-story office block at 18 Richardson st in West Perth.

Window Wipers is known in the commercial property market as a as Perth’s Commercial Window Cleaning Specialist. Our regular work consists of relatively straight forward maintenance programs to very difficult access work. We have the skills and knowledge to use all the tools of the trade which has helped us achieve the results our clients are looking for.

These tools range from High Tech pure water systems to the hiring of specialist access equipment such as Cherry Pickers and Scissor Lifts all of which our staff are trained and certified to use aswell as utilise rope access techniques. All our Rope Access Technicians are highly trained and certified to Australian Standards or IRATA international standards. Our safety record is second to none which is something we are very proud of.

Because we are able to safely access all areas of a building it has allowed us to expand the services we offer to our clients to include facade maintenance. In July 2014 we officially launched FMWA (Facade Maintenance WA) to service this growing demand. FMWA is a façade Maintenance company. We conduct maintenance work on the façade of commercial buildings including painting, glazing, cement repairs and consulting services etc. It’s been an important integration in our journey as the two businesses has developed a strong bond and a defined synergy in what they do.

In February 2015 we moved the business from Canning Vale where we had our offices for 6 years to Lathlain. This strategic move was made so we could be closer to our clients and the city where we conduct most of our work.

For years our clients have been asking if we do mainstream property maintenance our surveys indicated that there a demand for a company that can provide complete property maintenance including façade. Finally with a lot of thought effort and business planning in 2019 we created and introduced of ALPHA FM into our business structure  allowing  us to broaden  the services we now can offer to our clients . ALPHA FM is an alliance of companies bringing together a highly skilled trade and labor force. We are committed to delivering complete property maintenance and repairs services under the banner of ALPHA FM.

To help simplify our company structure we have incorporated FMWA into the services offered by Alpha FM. Window Wipers stays with its own identity and becomes our window cleaning unit. Putting us in the unique position of delivering services externally of a building and internally, like plumbing and electrical. There isn’t a lot we can’t do. Put us to the test.

18 Richardson St West Perth – 1st commercial job.
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